Gift card and staff reports

If your store in on the Shopify Plus plan, Shopify provides access to additional APIs to load Gift cards and Users. Unfortunately, these two APIs must be activated manually (more on that below).

If your store is not on the Shopify Plus, the gift card and users API are not available. As a result, gift card reports are not possible. However, you can record your team members manually. See Record staff

Gift card reports

Interesting Gift Card reports include:

  • Active gift cards

  • Expiring gift cards

  • Monthly issued gift cards

  • Remaining gift card balance by expiry month

Any many more.

Users API and team member names

The Users API will enable Better Reports to record the names of all team members configured on your store. It can be useful if you want to segment your report by individual staff members. If you operate physical stores (brick and mortar), you could for example show total sales by staff member, by location.

Activating the Gift cards and/or Users APIs

Shopify doesn't allow "public apps" to use the Gift cards and Users API so you must follow these steps to create a "private app".

a) Open

b) Input "Better Reports" for the Private app name

c) Input "" for the Emergency developer email

d) Grant 'Read access' to Gift cards and Users

If you can't find Gift cards or Users in the list of permissions, you may have to contact your Shopify Plus Success Manager to activate them.

e) Leave all other fields as is. It should look like this:

Grant 'Read access' to Gift cards and Users

f) Press Save

g) Copy the Example URL (click 1 in the screenshot below)

h) Email our friendly staff at Simply state that you want to activate gift cards (or user reports) and paste the Example URL. This URL contains the information we need to activate your Gift card and User reports. That's it! You will hear from us shortly once your reports are ready.