Filtering a field

You apply filters to include or exclude rows.
  1. Select the field you want to filter with
    Filter field
  2. Select an operator
    Filter operator
  3. Select or type in a value
    Filter values

Filtering dates

You can filter dates in two ways:

  1. Choose one of the built-in date ranges (e.g 'Last 30 days').

    The filter is always relative to today's date and adjust automatically each time the report runs.

  2. Choose specific dates in the calendar

    The filter is static and the selected dates do not change.

Filtering dates

Filtering by date part

You can filter by a specific date part to include or exclude one or more values

Filtering discrete dates

Filtering special values

It is sometimes useful to use the special filter value [Unknown] to include or exclude rows that don't have a value for a specific field.

Text fields can also use the special value <empty> to filter empty values.

Filtering special values