Reports of your customers, sales, refunds, subscriptions, payouts and more.

Detailed reporting of all your Stripe data including balance transactions, invoices, charges, customers, payouts and more.

Common use cases include:

  • Reconcile payout with individual balance transactions
  • Weekly / Monthly detailed and summary of transactions
  • Charge by outcome, payment method and decline reasons
  • Active, canceled, trialing and inactive subscriptions, by price, plan and product
  • Customer list
  • Disputes and their outcomes
  • Break down of draft, open, unpaid and uncollectible invoices
  • Issuing transactions by card and cardholders
  • Radar review queue
  • Consolidate data from multiple Stripe accounts
  • Metadata fields

Better Reports is a Stripe Verified Partner


  • Balance transaction fees
  • Balance transactions
  • Balances
  • Charges
  • Customers
  • Disputes
  • Payment intents
  • Payment methods
  • Payouts
  • Price tiers
  • Prices
  • Promotion codes
  • Refunds
  • Setup intents


  • Coupons
  • Credit note lines
  • Credit notes
  • Discounts
  • Invoice items
  • Invoice lines
  • Invoices
  • Pending subscription items
  • Product images
  • Products
  • Subscription items
  • Subscription schedule phase plans
  • Subscription schedule phases
  • Subscription schedules
  • Subscriptions
  • Tax rates


  • Application fee refunds
  • Application fees
  • Applications
  • Connected account bank accounts
  • Connected account cards
  • Connected account required field errors
  • Connected account required fields
  • Connected accounts
  • Topups
  • Transfer reversals
  • Transfers

Issuing (beta)

  • Issuing authorization requests
  • Issuing authorizations
  • Issuing card spending limits
  • Issuing cardholder spending limits
  • Issuing cardholders
  • Issuing cards
  • Issuing transactions


  • Locations
  • Readers


  • Early fraud warnings
  • Reviews


  • Files
  • Report runs
  • Report types
  • Scheduled query runs
  • Webhook endpoints
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